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What's the Benefit of Flying


Down and Dirty


Jimmy Jumbo



United States, Nevada


Craig is a prolific singer/songwriter/guitarist with a home recording studio. He has become proficient in the use of Pro Tools software and records his original material as well as occasional selections from his favorite classic rock band, The Kinks. He records solo and with available musicians. He is always seeking new collaborators.

In his 20s, Craig performed a few successful gigs with his bands, The Specks and Wilson's Down, in San Francisco and the greater Los Angeles areas. In recent years, he has performed unplugged at annual conferences dedicated to spiritual growth and living an authentic life.

He is currently working on upgrading his studio and developing animation and film editing skills to have his songs serve as soundtrack and story line to animated films and music videos.


Rock, Folk, Alternative, Blues, Reggae, R&B, Vocal Jazz, Experimental, etc.